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Aerospace Applications, High Performance Parts

At Swiss-Tech we manufacture Swiss precision machined parts for critical applications in the aerospace, medical, and other high-end industrial markets. All customers have high quality standards, but the aerospace industry is often the most demanding.

Aerospace applications necessitate high-performance parts with complicated validation requirements and exacting quality controls. The Swiss-Tech team’s focus on process controls, quality at the source, and utilizing the 2-bin method guarantees part repeatability to meet customer expectations in the aerospace industry.

Aerospace parts tend to have complicated geometries, features or dimensional characteristics, and are often made from specialty alloys or composites.  Inconel is one example of a specialty material often selected because of its resistance to oxidation and high tensile strength at temperature.  These characteristics also make it incredibly challenging to machine.

“If the raw material is available in bar stock Swiss-Tech can develop a process to make parts” said Jay Longbottom, Operating Partner for the BERKS Group. “We support our customers by applying our engineering experience to provide parts with exceptional performance, strength, and extreme temperature resistance.”


The aerospace industry requires a strong quality control management system and validation process.  A major component of this is dealing with paperwork and flow down requirements.

“The quality control in aerospace is stringent, sometimes even more stringent that the medical industry,” Longbottom said.

At Swiss-Tech, we are AS9100 certified and have the team, systems and process controls to meet those standards.

With each new part, Swiss Tech applies a systematic approach to understand the critical features. Based on the final requirements, they create a manufacturing process and detailed inspection plan for validation.  They specialize in standardizing a process flow with in-process testing and operator-controlled inspections to produce parts that are 100% conformance to print.

“Our focus on design for manufacturability allows us to make complex, high quality and low volume parts repeatably. Not every manufacturer can work within those requirements,” Longbottom said.

Our engineering team understands what it takes to develops accurate processes on difficult parts quickly.  We work hand in hand with our customer to define key dimensional characteristics and monitor using a multiple axis approach. We consistently hold tolerances to 0.0001” (+/-0.00005”).


Repeatable processes allow Swiss Tech to plan and deliver a huge variety of parts.  This is especially important for many aerospace applications that need to the have the entire build of materials (BOM) delivered on demand.

“They need good turnaround time,” Longbottom said. “We understand the need for reliability and our team is very responsive to changes in forecast”

Our culture of continuous improvement forces us to review, adjust and evolve.  Advances in technology, materials and equipment drive the Aerospace industry and Swiss Tech is here to help.  They are committed to providing high-quality products that meet or exceed customer expectations by complying with all requirements and delivering on time.

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