Aerospace Machining: Swiss-Tech Contribution to the First Moon Landing

Not every business can say they were on the moon

Thanks to private companies like Space X, Blue Origin, Scaled Composites, and Virgin Galactic, the excitement of space travel has been reinvigorated. Dreams of outer space living, hopping from one location to another, and putting a human on Mars have become global conversations.

But before this can become reality, NASA and their private industry partners are launching the Artemis project, America’s return to the moon.

On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the very first human beings to step foot on the moon.

As we celebrate the anniversary of this monumental achievement each year, Swiss-Tech is proud to have contributed to the lunar landing with our high-quality, precision aerospace machining services.

Apollo 11 was a truly significant scientific and technological breakthrough. For the very first time in human history, we successfully placed human beings on another planetary body.

For the United States, especially, this was a tremendous triumph during the height of the “space race” between the U.S. and Soviet Union. In political terms, this remarkable event cemented the perception of America as the most advanced country on Earth.

But putting men on the moon was even bigger than politics; it inspired all of humanity. The Apollo 11 mission became a symbol of all we could accomplish if we dreamed big and worked hard enough to achieve our goals.

Apollo 11 Parts by Swiss-Tech

Swiss-Tech’s Role in the Apollo 11 Mission

At Swiss-Tech, we still find it inspiring that our reputation for quality aerospace machining had already taken root just four years into our company’s founding in 1965. NASA contracted 18 precision components from us for the Apollo 11 mission.

The precision machine components we produce are expertly crafted for mission critical applications, and the lunar landing was no exception. Our reliable and robust components contributed to the composition of both the astronauts’ life-support systems and the spacecraft’s instrument panels.

Swiss-Tech's Aerospace Machining and Apollo 11

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Our Ongoing Legacy of Innovation, Technology, and Precision

We’re proud of our history and continue with optimism into the future – just as Armstrong and Aldrin did. With a pioneering mindset, our team at Swiss-Tech has forged ahead with technological advancements for a variety of business functions in order to better assist our clients.

  • By continually investing in quality, we’ve doubled down on a sophisticated image measurement system to streamline quality checks with more accuracy.
  • We’ve made great strides in partnership with Gateway Technical College by considering unconventional – yet highly practical – CNC Machine Training.
  • Through the addition of versatile Swiss machinery, we have increased our manufacturing capacity with provisions for sustained growth moving forward.

“To be where we are…doing what we’re doing…with the reputation our business has is really unique. We look forward to coming to work every day and building on Swiss-Tech’s powerful legacy – one day at a time.” – Director of Engineering and Support Technology, Jason Price

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