Some would say working at the same company for more than 40 years is crazy or takes a lot of dedication, but for Jeff Reyenga it’s all about family at Swiss-Tech – two types of family.

When Jeff was 19, he was working at a different manufacturing company but his parents were working at Swiss-Tech. That’s right, both of Jeff’s parents have worked at Swiss-Tech – in fact, the Reyenga family has worked more than 100 years total here at Swiss-Tech.

Jeff’s dad, Jim, worked for Swiss-Tech for more than 27 years and then retired, but after about a year he came back to work for Swiss-Tech for several more years. Jeff’s mom, Dorothy, worked at Swiss-Tech about 40 years. Both of Jeff’s parents worked at Swiss-Tech up until they retired. Jeff’s family farmed when he was a kid, and he thinks the strong work ethic learned on the farm translated well to working at Swiss-Tech.

“There have been a lot of challenges, but also a lot of good things at Swiss-Tech since my parents worked here,” Jeff said. “It’s always interesting as things have continued to change over the last 40 years.”

Work Family

Jeff has shown his dedication since beginning work at Swiss-Tech since October 1979. He currently works as an Inside Sales Account Manager – working with our current customers to update them on their projects we’re working on. In 1979, Jeff started as a setup person in our Finish Machining Department. In the early 80s he became the supervisor of the FMD and by the late 80s he moved into our scheduling and expediting department. By the early 90s he was a shipping and production manager before Swiss-Tech’s president at the time moved him to inside sales in 2010.

“As production manager, I was working with customers a lot of the time anyways, so it was a good progression,” Jeff said.

Working through seven owners and 40 years’ worth of changes, Jeff has seen a lot come and go at Swiss-Tech, but something that’s always stayed the same is the strong culture.

“There’s always changes throughout the years. You have good and bad as far as things go, but we have a very strong and good team in place,” Jeff said.

The Swiss-Tech team has always been a good mix of people, but in the last four or five years it’s gotten stronger and Jeff considers them his work family.

“I look at is as you have your home family and you also have your work family,” Jeff said. “You really spend more time with your work family than you do your own family. Our work family has a great culture right now.”

At the end of last year Jeff turned 60, so if he were to follow in his parents’ footsteps, he’d have another 15-20 years with Swiss-Tech to look forward to, but Jeff said, “We’ll see. You never know what life brings, but I probably won’t work until I’m 75 or 80 like my parents.”

We’re happy Jeff is part of our Swiss-Tech work family and love the experience and positivity he brings to our culture. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication Jeff and the entire Reyenga family!