Celebrating Workplace Diversity at Swiss-Tech

The topic of workplace diversity has become a hot button issue for companies over the last decade – especially those operating in industrial engineering and manufacturing. Between outside-the-box recruiting/training efforts and attracting top talent from countries outside the United States to fill skilled positions, it’s more relevant than ever.

Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace

Workplace diversity comes in many forms. It refers to personal aspects such as age, gender, ethnicity, race, and other cultural differences. The truth is…we all have unique backgrounds that shape who we are as people and professionals.

How does this prove helpful in terms of business? Well, when working as part of a team, everyone suddenly has something in common: the team. But each employee brings a distinct perspective that can produce positive results for a company in a variety of ways.

1) Increasing Creative Problem-Solving

The number one benefit of establishing a diverse work environment is that you possess a greater range of thoughts, ideas, and solutions. Employees coming from assorted backgrounds will approach the same problem differently.

This creates an innovative space for bouncing new ideas off of one another and improves your company’s ability to come up with creative solutions.

2) Removing Limitations from Your Talent Pool

Many organizations make the mistake of assuming there is a single, specific mold of “ideal employee,” but this train of thought can actually limit your team’s potential.

There must be some similarities between employees, of course, to ensure proper cultural fit, but that doesn’t mean squashing workplace diversity. By opening your company up as a progressive workplace, you will actually attract more candidates and improve employee retention.

3) Boosting Employee Morale

Doesn’t it make sense that a diverse business culture would jumpstart employee morale? When a business shows that it’s willing to be inclusive, team members feel more comfortable and confident in their individual roles.

This leads to better job performance and helps push your entire organization to new heights – AKA further growth and profitability. 

Our Diverse Team at Swiss-Tech

We practice what we preach at Swiss-Tech. Our high-performing team, from the top on down, is comprised on personnel from many different countries, cultures, and walks of life. As an established, growing provider of custom-manufactured precision components, we celebrate our workplace diversity.

So – without further ado – let’s introduce you to a few of our world-class team members.

Frank Meiland, Swiss-Tech President & CEO

Frank Meiland, CEO & President

  • Country of Origin: Netherlands
  • Best part of your native culture: The wealth of cafés, amazing restaurants, and the whole ambiance is great. It’s a very picturesque place, the Netherlands.
  • Favorite part of working at Swiss-Tech: We have a high-performing group that has fun working with each other every single day.
  • Who you’ll root for during the World Cup: Would’ve been the Netherlands, but I’ll have to settle for Brazil


Martha Arellano, Finished Machining Department

Martha Arellano, Finished Machining Department

  • Country of Origin: Mexico
  • Best part of your native culture: Our family traditions, values, art, food, history, and more!
  • Favorite part of working at Swiss-Tech: The value they give to employees – even if they don’t fully speak English
  • Who you’ll root for during the World Cup: Mexico


Jaroslav Rybar, CNC Machining

Jaroslav Rybar, CNC Machining

  • Country of Origin: Slovakia
  • Best part of your native culture: Located in central Europe, we share borders with five different nations. The best part is keeping our traditions alive.
  • Favorite part of working at Swiss-Tech: Working with so many great people and in great conditions
  • Who you’ll root for during the World Cup: Brazil & Japan


Eva Arellano, CNC Setup/Operator

Eva Arellano, CNC Setup/Operator 

  • Country of Origin: Mexico
  • Best part of your native culture: All of our history, traditions, religion, and the diversity in gastronomy, dance, art, family, etc.
  • Favorite part of working at Swiss-Tech: The opportunity for professional development and work recognition
  • Who you’ll root for during the World Cup: Mexico of course!!! (but Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi are the best)


Fernando Moreira, CNC Setup/Operator

Fernando Moreira, CNC Setup/Operator

  • Country of Origin: Ecuador
  • Best part of your native culture: The fact that it’s a mixture of a whole range of cultures, representing every level of the stratified community. Ecuador’s official language is Spanish, but ten other languages are also spoken. Plus, it is a foodie’s paradise!
  • Favorite part of working at Swiss-Tech: My co-workers are the best. I’ve met a lot of good people who make Swiss-Tech a welcoming place, and I’m proud to be a part of it.
  • Who you’ll root for during the World Cup: A little sad because Ecuador and USA were eliminated in the qualifying round, but I’ll be rooting for Brazil, Portugal, and Panama.


Kristi Granberg, HR & Accounting Manager

Kristi Granberg, HR & Accounting Manager 

  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Best part of your native culture: Diversity of individuals!  We truly have a mix of people here who make up the “melting pot.”
  • Favorite part of working at Swiss-Tech: The freedom to make our workplace the best it can possibly be. Every day, I have the mindset that I will focus my efforts on how to make our workplace a continued success. Holding the role of HR Manager, I am directly accountable for the wellbeing of our employees, and I take great pride professionally and personally when I continually hear of how our employees enjoy working at Swiss-Tech. Every individual I work with, help, or onboard at Swiss-Tech makes my role enjoyable!
  • Who you’ll root for during the World Cup: Gotta’ take it back to my roots of English descent – go England!

Celebrating Workplace Diversity

At Swiss-Tech, we come from a variety of backgrounds, countries, and world views, but we all seamlessly work together toward one primary goal: quality.

If you’re interested in joining our diverse workplace, feel free to browse our employment opportunities or fill out an online application today! We are always interested in hearing from applicants who would like to join our team.