Trust during a pandemicThe importance of the medical industry can never be overstated, but it’s even more amplified during this year’s global pandemic, and our team at Swiss-Tech is proud to be working with several of our clients to expedite parts being used in products on the front lines.

We have been expediting as many as 20 parts being used to treat COVID-positive patients, including medical instruments, ventilators, respirators and blood testing equipment. Our team has also been working on a part that is being used for the development of an antibody vaccine.

In order to maintain production levels and stay a critical supplier through the pandemic, we have taken extra measures to help protect our employees during this time.

Team buy-in

Covid related parts being manufacturedWhen we started producing and expediting these essential parts, we shared the information with our workforce.

“Knowing we were part of the vaccine development created even more passion from our Swiss-Tech team,” Swiss-Tech Inside Sales Leader Bobbie Griffin said.

The information was very motivational to our team to continue to produce and expedite the parts and to stay healthy. “It is a scary time in this world and our team is proud to be a part of the treatment and potential vaccine,” Griffin said.

Client trust

Working with our team to expedite these products for our customers making products for the front lines of health care speaks volumes of our partnerships with our customers as well as our entire supply chain.

“Our clients trusted us to produce and expedite mission critical parts above and beyond our original commitment,” Griffin said. Our ability to increase capacity during unforeseen times for our clients ensured we were able to step up during the pandemic when demand for life-saving equipment increased.

“It’s a good feeling to be part of each other’s successes,” Griffin said.

Continuous improvement increases capacity

assistance being provided for coronavirus relief at Swiss-TechOur team at Swiss-Tech has been making continuous improvements over the last several years to be able to fulfill new and expedited requests. The pandemic is not something anyone could have expected or wanted to go through, but we are proud of how our team has been able to step up and help our clients who are providing important health care products.

Reactions from our clients:


“Thank you so much.”

“WOW! Ahead of schedule!”

“This is more than we could have asked for.”

“Please thank your entire team for their efforts.”

Our highly technical team at Swiss-Tech has been honored to manufacture and expedite these products for our customers on the frontlines. As we continue to work through how this pandemic will impact everyone globally, our Swiss-Tech team will continue to focus on providing the best quality parts and service to our clients and keep making continuous improvements so we are able to adapt to our client’s future needs.