Planning for Continued Growth by Doubling Investments

There’s no such thing as a plateau in business. If you aren’t continually climbing the hill toward sustained growth, you’ll find that you are actually doing the opposite – backsliding.

At Swiss-Tech, we’ve experienced a very strong growth curve this year, and we intend to keep that trend moving upward.

For this reason, we’ve methodically and practically doubled down on investments in quality, community, and (especially) capacity to better position our company for continued growth heading into the new year and beyond.

Investing in Quality and Precision

Our world-class business is built on quality. It’s essential to every aspect of our operations – particularly with a goal of continued growth in mind.

Our quality standards are rooted in several key accreditations that we implement at Swiss-Tech at all times, including:

In 2018, we found additional ways to improve our quality assurance processes. One of these included investing in an advanced image measurement system (Keyence IM-7020) to perform rigorous inspections on larger volumes of parts.

Besides being as easy as placing components, pressing start, and recording quality inspection results, this streamlined technology also allows us to simultaneously reduce waste material and mitigate risk.

Although seemingly a small addition to our production process, it has allowed us to expand our output exponentially through the considerable growth we experienced in 2018. We expect this to continue heading into the new year.

Fostering a Strong, Internal Community

It’s impossible to sustain growth without a strong team. At Swiss-Tech, we believe in cultivating an employee-focused business culture in order to retain great workers and attract top talent within the workforce.

During our hiring process, we place our initial emphasis on cultural fit. This ensures that our hardworking, professional, and skilled business family can remain intact – even through continued growth.

We have found that team members perform better, have greater job satisfaction, and stay longer when they are compensated fairly and treated with dignity.

Celebrating Workplace Diversity at Swiss-Tech

Our family-oriented business culture comes with many benefits for our company, but also for our employees, our community, and our customers as well. Our culture also fuels other positive aspects of business, such as:

Each of these investments have served to strengthen and further develop our team. We are fortunate to say we enjoy our daily interactions with each other while keeping employees with years of expertise from walking out the door.

Planning for Continued Growth by Increasing Capacity

Most essential to sustaining rapid growth for precision manufacturers like Swiss-Tech, however, is a responsible system of planning and forecasting in order to increase manufacturing capacity. In other words, it’s important to make wise investments in vital resources.

We doubled down on this necessary practice in 2018 by upgrading and expanding our Swiss machining capabilities through major equipment additions, such as:

  • NEXTURN SA12B – a state-of-the-art Swiss-type CNC lathe offering a wide range of performance features
  • New Prototype Cell – two powerful, rigid, and accurate NEXTURN SA(PYII) machines with 20mm and 32mm bar capacities for quick response production
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System – a valuable, traceable production management program that provides greater business intelligence to enhance time and material savings

As for the future, we’re projected to invest in additional high-end Swiss CNC equipment in 2019 to further accommodate new customers and higher volumes, while maintaining our unwavering commitment to quality and precision. 

Looking for Precision Swiss Machining Services? Choose Swiss-Tech.

As an established, growing provider of custom-manufactured precision components, Swiss-Tech has produced mission critical parts for customers in the medical technology, aerospace, and high-end industrial markets at a competitive cost since 1965.

Our consistent world-class quality, innovative manufacturing capabilities, and responsive customer service have earned us a strong reputation within our industry and ensured ongoing stability for future growth.

When you’re designing new products, feel free to reach out online or give us a call at 262-728-6363 to leverage our engineering expertise for precision, CNC machined components.