Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) at Swiss-Tech

Accountability is everything for manufacturers. Our customers need assurance that they can rely on us to consistently deliver the parts they need when they need them.

Checks, balances, and traceability are all vital to accomplishing this on a world-class scale, and that’s where Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) comes into play.

What is Enterprise Resource Planning?

An ERP System is, essentially, an all-inclusive production management program specially configured to collate core business processes into a practical interface. This versatile software can be used to collect, store, manage, and interpret data for a variety of business functions.

At Swiss-Tech, we utilize one of the most proven brands of ERP & MRP (Material Requirements Planning) technology in Epicor throughout day-to-day operations to oversee our CNC machining lines and help coordinate our production.

“Enterprise Resource Planning is powerful stuff. It’s automated, dynamic, and provides valuable information to help us make intelligent business decisions.” – Karen Ozanich, Swiss-Tech Director of Manufacturing & Logistics

Primary Objectives of ERP Systems 

ERP software can dramatically improve how a company relates to its production in many vital areas. At Swiss-Tech, we hold these three objectives out as the most important for our customers.

1) Traceability 

From raw materials to precision components to quality inspections, every component that comes through our manufacturing lines at Swiss-Tech is 100% traceable thanks to ERP.

When a part is entered into our system, all of its specifications, inspection documentation, production lead times, and routing/billing information is attributed to the same distinct product number.

This makes misidentifying or shipping the wrong parts virtually impossible at any point in throughout its lifespan with us.

Each team member – from management to machinist – interacts with this software on a daily basis to perform their distinct role in our swiss machining process. This means diligent steps must be taken to prevent ERP system failure of any kind.

Because of this, Swiss-Tech has made significant investments in server redundancy. If, for any reason, our server goes down, our streamlined production process wouldn’t miss a beat. The system would simply revert to powerful backup servers, so our team can continue to reach production goals and deadlines.

“Safeguarding against failure is something we take very seriously here. Our Epicor ERP Software gets updated regularly, we always test new versions thoroughly before making a switch, and we have reliable backup servers in place to minimize disruptions in our production.” – Jon Hall, Swiss-Tech ERP/IT Administrator

2) Business Intelligence

Implementing Enterprise Resource Planning into our precision machining process has provided substantial data for us to leverage – eliminating the need for educated guessing.

With the help of Epicor’s valuable data on parts and lead times, we’re able more accurately quote jobs to our customers, order runs with automated priority boards, hire additional support, and purchase additional equipment based on manufacturing capacity.

“Our ERP System doesn’t just manage our business…it drives it. Having all the necessary documentation to produce a part or fulfill an order – at our fingertips – is a great benefit to our company and our customers.” – Jason Price, Swiss-Tech Director of Engineering & Support Technology

3) Time & Material Savings

Another result of a high-performing ERP System is greater control of time, material, and overall shop efficiency.

Each Swiss-Tech employee is given read-right access (according to job function) to specific dashboards that provide them with every bit of data they need to execute their responsibilities.

Since the software automates much of our essential run and component information, there’s no need to waste time and energy filling out spreadsheets or other paperwork. It’s all contained within the program and can be exported easily for sharing purposes.

This standardized procedure allows for a higher level of consistency to be achieved and greatly reduces the opportunity for flaws in component design framework.

“Our operational efficiency and standardization of work is top-notch. The Epicor software calculates economic run sizes to limit our material waste, while granting our employees instant access to accurate data on parts, units of measure, and run size. It helps hold us all accountable.” – Karen Ozanich, Director of Manufacturing & Logistics

Traceability You Can Trust 

At Swiss-Tech, we make a point of investing in systems that add value to both our customers and ourselves. Streamlining our production and increasing our efficiency with Enterprise Resource Planning is one of those investments.

If you’re interested in learning more about the world-class quality, precision components we can provide, feel free to reach out online today, or give us a call at 262.728.6363.