Image Measurement System: Keyence IM-7020

What does it take to be an innovative industry leader? At Swiss-Tech, we believe it starts with consistent identification and forecasting of potential issues for our customers, so we can invest in long-term solutions.

A great example of this is our newly acquired image measurement system – the Keyence IM-7020. This advancement in product quality assurance technology provides highly accurate and efficient component inspection…fast.

Keyence 7020: Place. Press. Results.

As an established, growing provider of custom-manufactured, precision CNC Swiss machined components serving customers around the globe, we at Swiss-Tech have built our reputation on consistent, high quality products.

In order to guarantee that large volumes of precision parts meet mission critical specifications, we must perform rigorous inspections on all products before they are approved.

Keyence IM-7020’s intuitive interface and rigid, reliable design allows for automatic inspection of components, while limiting operator intervention and user error.

An Improved Image Measurement System

Reducing variability that can occur from operator interaction as well as decreasing the number of inspection methods required for the measurement process, the Keyence image measurement system features:

  • Automatic recognition of part position and orientation
  • Fast measurement (multiple parts simultaneously in seconds)
  • Wide range of applications and GD&T tools
  • Versatile programming for in-process and final inspections
  • Accurate and repeatable measurements
  • Ability to record results and create inspection reports

It’s been an incredibly powerful addition for Swiss-Tech. Some of our customers have also been purchasing the Keyence IM-7020, which has helped us align our inspection methods and streamline the whole process.” – Jason Price, Director of Engineering and Support Technology

Reducing Waste and Risk

Improving efficiency is crucial for manufacturers, but limiting the amount of waste product while reducing risk is also of great value to both Swiss-Tech and our customers. The Keyence system accomplishes all of this by:

  • Controlling indirect labor time to help offset other fluctuating costs and prevent negative price changes for our customers
  • Mitigating risk through overall MSA improvement, integrated risk analysis, and providing immediate feedback to the operator
  • Reducing waste by measuring multiple parts quickly to improve decision making, thereby increasing quality at the source and limiting scrap

“Investing in quality is an important part of what we do here at Swiss-Tech. It’s great to see new technology fill a need and allow us to serve our customers on a whole new level. That’s our definition of success.” – Frank Meiland, CEO & President

Quality and Precision at Swiss-Tech

Keyence and Swiss-Tech emphasize quality & precision

Swiss-Tech has built a reputation on consistent, high-quality products, innovative manufacturing capabilities, and responsive customer service at a competitive cost for those working in the high-end industrial, aerospace, and medical technology industries.

Our expert team operates to machine thousands of low-volume, high precision parts utilizing materials such as steel, stainless steel, titanium, Inconel, aircraft alloys, composites, and precious metals.

Interested in working with us? Feel free to reach out today, or give us a call at 262-728-6363.