23 07, 2020

The 6S System – a Key Lean Manufacturing Tool at the Foundation of Continuous Improvement Initiatives

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Building a house, with all of the different parts – from the framing and electrical to the roof and the drywall – has some similarities to how Swiss-Tech views the structure for Continuous Improvement.  Just like you’d start with the foundation when building a house, the foundation of our Continuous Improvement efforts, is the 6S

4 06, 2020

Maintaining Employee Safety & Confidence During COVID-19

By |2020-06-04T12:12:09+00:00June 4th, 2020|

Needless to say, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a variety of new challenges for businesses of all shapes and sizes. For the manufacturing industry, specifically, this has meant devoting considerable resources toward protecting employee and environmental health and safety. Here at Swiss-Tech, we’re committed to keeping our employees safe and our customers fulfilled, and that

6 03, 2020

Gemba walking our way to open communication, employee engagement

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Communication is key to any type of relationship – including a manufacturing department working on several projects simultaneously. Our employees at Swiss-Tech are like family to us, and each department is like a family unit themselves. All of that is fostered through open communication and mutual respect. In order to keep the lines of communication

6 03, 2020

Enhancing our Quality at the Source process

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Anyone who cooks knows that from the first ingredient going in the pot to serving up the first bowl, the best way to guarantee the meal turns out tasty is to check it and adjust as you go. Just like you’d add some more oregano to a simmering spaghetti sauce halfway through, our employees at

31 01, 2020

Swiss-Tech’s 2020 Vision: We’re not done improving for our customers

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A company saying they want to continuously make improvements for their customers isn’t anything new. Making continuous improvement promises as part of a sales pitch is one of the oldest sales tactics in the book -- but what’s different about Swiss-Tech is ours isn’t a tactic, it’s an actual promise that we delivered on in

31 01, 2020

40 years of dedication rooted in home and work family connections

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Some would say working at the same company for more than 40 years is crazy or takes a lot of dedication, but for Jeff Reyenga it’s all about family at Swiss-Tech – two types of family. When Jeff was 19, he was working at a different manufacturing company but his parents were working at Swiss-Tech.

4 12, 2019

‘Thank you’ to our Swiss-Tech employees, families for your service

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We’re taking some time this holiday season to say 'Thank you' and recognize some Swiss-Tech employees who have served or have family members serving in our armed forces. We’re thankful that they sacrifice their time with their families around the holidays so our country can stay safe. Kraft Family Cheryl Kraft has been working at

11 11, 2019

Standardizing, streamlining new product process increases efficiency

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Serving our global customers in medical technology, aerospace, and high-end industrial sectors means being ready to take on new customers and new projects for existing customers seamlessly and efficiently. Our engineering team here at Swiss-Tech recently began applying the concept of Value Stream Mapping for new-product introduction, taking a project from product proposal through development,

11 11, 2019

Safety is everyone’s responsibility at Swiss-Tech

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Attendance at our weekly Safety Meetings at Swiss-Tech are at an all-time high as employees from each department are continuing to keep workplace safety at the top of their priorities. For at least the last three years, we’ve been holding weekly safety meetings on topics ranging from spills and repeated motion injuries to burns and

2 10, 2019

Annual Employee Picnic Encourages Family-Friendly Environment

By |2019-10-02T10:47:44+00:00October 2nd, 2019|

Swiss-Tech recently held our annual employee picnic. The evening was a great way for our employees and their families to get to know each other on a more personal level. We believe that the foundation of our business is built on respect for one another. We are able to provide our customers with precision parts

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