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Lead times, lead times, lead times. Is there anything emphasized more consistently by operations and supply chain managers?

This, of course, is not without cause. Quick response production is the primary focus for many supply chain and logistics professionals due to the fact that customers are looking to receive their orders faster and more efficiently than ever before.

You know the old adage – “time is money” …right? – but there are other factors to consider, as well. Namely, the direct correlation between lead times and the amount of inventory that exists at each stage in your supply chain.

Minimizing the number of bottle necks and inconsistencies found throughout your manufacturing process is not only good business – it’s essential to meet increasing demand.

Swiss-Tech’s New Prototype Cell

With the principles of quick response production in mind, Swiss-Tech’s executive team made the decision in August 2018 to invest in a brand-new, high-performance prototype cell.

Prototype Cell Equipment Delivery

Experiencing a quick response, ourselves, the cell’s designated station was assigned and prepped with equipment delivered and installed all within a two-week span.


Nexturn Machine Axes

Consisting of two powerful, rigid, and accurate Swiss-type CNC lathes and material feeders with 20mm and 32mm bar capacities, both machines in our new prototype cell are equipped with many practical specifications, including:

  • Total of 8 axes
  • 2 channels
  • Exchangeable guide bushing
  • Up to 27 total tools
  • Main and sub spindle C axis contouring
  • FANUC OiTF CNC control
  • 3 HP / 6,000 RPM for live tools

The capabilities of this equipment are highly advantageous. The Y-axis, in particular, is incredibly useful for the fabrication of complex, precision components that would otherwise be much more difficult and time consuming to produce.

What Part Does Prototyping Play in Quick Response Production?

Time is of the essence when it comes to new product development, and that means precise prototypes must be produced quickly.

With the addition of our new prototype cell, Swiss-Tech now provides an additional service to our customers.

“We’re not the only machine shop making prototypes, but we are one of the few creating them in a true production environment. This benefits our customers by helping them shorten response times and mitigate risk from concept to fulfillment. It’s really what sets our prototyping abilities at Swiss-Tech apart.” – Frank Meiland, Swiss-Tech President/CEO

Trusting our skilled machinists with your prototype is a practical way to streamline your product development.

By always striving to enhance our world-class reputation for quality and precision, we have added yet another layer to our service offerings with rapid response prototypes.

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