Swiss Machining Versatility

Just a few years ago, the only images “swiss machining” might bring to mind was precision watch making. Times have changed.

In today’s fast-paced, high-powered world businesses and consumers alike need products that are durable, reliable, and responsive. These mission critical products, which range from high-end industrial to medical technology and more, require components that can greatly vary in size and material.

The versatility of Swiss-type CNC machining has become a welcome answer to fulfill the increasing demand for these precision components, and there are several reasons why:

1) Swiss Machining is Streamlined

It’s right in the title: one setup + one machine = one process.

One of the most significant advantages of Swiss-type CNC machining is that a part can be produced complete, having all of its features without requiring any form of secondary machining operations.

2) Ranges in Quantities

Need thousands of parts products or just a few precision components? Depending on the industry you find yourself in, your customer lead times and sales cycle can vary greatly.

Swiss machining provides the means to fulfill diverse quantities of parts and meet the requirements of your distinct production needs.

3) Complex Profiles Made Easy

Compared to conventional machining methods, Swiss-type CNC lathes produce parts faster and more efficiently. With anywhere between seven and 13 axes equipped on each machine, complex components with many features can be easily fabricated.

Long, slender components or small parts with complex profiles can be machined from bar stock (less than or equal to 32mm diameter), including the following in a single step:

  • Part Profile
  • Both ends
  • Holes
  • Threads
  • Internal/external milled features
  • Broached features

This applies to many types of components over a wide range of industries.

4) Greater Control, Improved Quality

There’s no room for error or even uncertainty when it comes to mission critical applications. This is why, at Swiss-Tech, we focus our efforts on precision Swiss lathes. Tight tolerance parts can consistently be produced utilizing this equipment.

By feeding ground bar stock through a revolving guide bushing, it advances forward during machining operations, whereas a conventional lathe machines the part with the full length of bar stock outside of the support system – leading to a higher likelihood of imperfections.

“Swiss-type CNC lathes are incredibly versatile because the parts are machined so close to their point of support. This creates a more rigid end product and results in nearly zero deflection of the part which increases the precision no matter the length of the component being fabricated.” – Jason Price

5) Demand for Machining Versatility is High

According to a 2017 Gardner Business Intelligence Capital Spending Survey, manufacturing market spending grew a robust 4% industry-wide with a whopping 627% investment growth in single-spindle CNC equipment, the type we utilize here at Swiss-Tech.

Why the exponential growth in this very specific area? Swiss machining versatility is at a premium with customer demand for precision components on the rise.

“As a world-class machine shop, our commitment to not only keep up but remain at the forefront of this trend has allowed us to increase our manufacturing capacity and better serve our customers.” – Jason Price, Director of Engineering & Support Technology

From material bars to final inspection, our advanced ERP system provides job traceability, part/material savings, and vital business intelligence to streamline production at Swiss-Tech.

World-Class Swiss Machining for Precision Components

Searching for World-Class Precision Components?

At Swiss-Tech, we produce exceptional steel and plastic precision components for mission critical applications.

Our versatile Swiss machining capabilities have earned us a reputation for quality in the medical technology, aerospace/defense, and high-end industrial markets.

If you’d like to learn more about how Swiss-Tech could assist your company, feel free to reach out online or give us a call at 262.728.6363.