Kristi, MRA Award RecipientHR training leads to new training procedure for onboarding new employees

Training employees has a ripple effect throughout an organization, and at Swiss-Tech we value our employees and make sure they can grow in our company and feel prepared to succeed. We focus on all levels of training, from brand-new incoming employees, to advanced training, and training for our administrative team.

We recently sent Kristi Granberg, our Human Resources and Accounting Manager, to a formal HR training that not only improved her knowledge to assist our employees, but also lead to the implementation of a new onboarding process here at Swiss-Tech.

Granberg took part in the Principles of Leadership Excellence Certificate Series. Leadership topics Granberg learned about during the training:

  • Trust and influence
  • Communicating for results
  • Culture, motivation and aligning goals with strategies
  • Training, delegating, coaching and managing performance
  • Building collaboration and managing conflict
  • Leading change

“We believe that for our employees (including myself) training is essential,” Granberg said. “Training gives personnel the critical thinking skills necessary to make decisions.”

Granberg said the company’s goal is that every level of personnel has the tools and knowledge necessary to improve in their role. The HR training we sent Granberg to not only allowed her to expand her knowledge, but she also brought back an outline structure for how to implement a new training program to improve Swiss-Tech’s dedication to quality training for new employees.

“In order for an organization to see growth, the personnel need to grow as well and training is the foundation Swiss-Tech builds upon,” Granberg said. “The value-added knowledge that employees learn from training courses should be viewed as company cultural mindfulness.”

Here at Swiss-Tech we believe in supporting our employees and giving them to tools they need to succeed. We believe employees that work in supportive environments where they feel prepared in their role enjoy their work more and take pride in their work – which is better for them and our clients.