Swiss Lathe CNC MachineHere at Swiss-Tech we are dedicated to serving a variety of global customers and producing consistent, high quality products. Our Mission Statement says it all:

Swiss-Tech is committed to providing high-quality products that meet or exceed customer expectations by complying with all requirements.

Swiss-Tech will ensure success through an effective quality management system based on continual improvement and management commitment to achieve customer satisfaction.

That “continual improvement and management commitment to achieve customer satisfaction” is one of the main reasons we bought four new machines this year. The five new machines we purchased have allowed us to increase capacity, which means we’re making more products.

“We upgraded with some new equipment and adding capacity, which allows us to better support our existing customers’ needs and to have room for more,” said Jason Price, Director of Engineering and Support Technology at Swiss-Tech.

Building manufacturing capacity by adding more machines adds an important logistical and financial benefit for us and for our customers. We know that sustained growth comes from being prepared to increase operations for our customers in the medical, aerospace, and high-end industrial markets.

Four of the new machines are Nexturn SA20-B Swiss Lathe Machines that produce precision complex parts. The machines design maximizes usability and allows for complex milling operations. These machines are built to meet specific production and economic requirements for all of our customers’ needs.

These machines were purchased through Absolute Machine Tools. We work with Absolute Machine Tools to be more competitive in today’s tough global marketplace.

The other machine we added this year was a new Miyano BNA-42DHY3 CNC Lathe, which has components that help reduce machining time through overlap processing and other forms of simultaneous machining.

In an effort to improve some of our existing machines, we upgraded the bar feeder on three of our CNC Swiss Lathe Machines with new CNC Indexing Tracer 20 Bar Feeders, which are designed to produce high frequency turning, and allows for unmanned production and hand-held remote controlling.

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