BERKS Group Bolsters Capital Investments in 2019

Have you heard the news? BERKS Group – a Kansas City capital investments firm with a diverse platform of growth businesses – has officially acquired Swiss-Tech, providing even greater stability to our success as a precision component manufacturer.

Our executive team, led by President Frank Meiland, will remain fully in place and is thrilled to be working with BERKS Group as an investment partner that shares our vision for the future.

Quoted in an article published by News-Press Now, Meiland said:

“We are very excited about this new partnership. The BERKS Group has demonstrated its commitment to provide the long-term resources necessary to accomplish our goals and provide our customers with world-class service, quality, and manufacturing expertise.”

Bolstering 2019 Capital Investments for Sustainable Growth

Business growth is a beautiful thing when executed properly. It provides customers with more resources and better support while offering internal team members a secure work environment and sense of contribution.

With smart financial backing and a company-wide focus on world-class quality and customer service, Swiss-Tech is poised to continue making this our reality.

We experienced a very successful year in 2018, but there are even more exciting reasons to partner with Swiss-Tech moving forward.

Adding New, High-End Swiss Lathes

As an industry-leader in CNC machining, we know that business growth has a symbiotic relationship with manufacturing capacity. As large, new orders of precision parts come in, we must be able to produce them at a world-class level.

This requires new, state-of-the-art equipment and training to ensure our exceptional quality standards are met.

We began implementing new CNC machinery and quality assurance equipment last year and plan to amplify these efforts with additional high-end, multi-axis Swiss lathes in the coming months. Stay tuned for updates.

Upgrading Older CNC Machines for Enhanced Features & Efficiency

Technological advances in our modern era move at the speed of light. With a relentless demand for feature and efficiency improvements, even five-year old, well-maintained equipment can quickly become obsolete.

This creates an ongoing need to replace older Swiss machinery with upgraded and more versatile equipment.

With additional support from BERKS Group, our processes will remain highly efficient and with more precision manufacturing capabilities than ever.

Placing Additional Emphasis on Training

You may have heard of our extensive partnership with Gateway Technical College to provide ongoing skill development for our employees, fill in training gaps, and recruit top talent.

Utilizing the expertise of Gateway’s “CNC Boot Camp” program, we’re able to customize our training regimen to include topics from blueprint reading to Starrett Certifications to geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T).

We aim to expand our partnership even further in order to provide new resources to help our team become the most well-rounded and knowledgeable in the industry.

Determined Focus on Operational Excellence

As an established, growing fabricator of precision parts, Swiss-Tech concentrates on producing state-of-the-art manufacturing concepts to serve our customers to the fullest.

We’re not on a mission to simply be good; we want to produce precision components more consistently and reliably than any other OEM manufacturer.

At Swiss-Tech, quality is engrained in our DNA. With a shared focus on operational excellence between BERKS Group and our executive team, you can count on continued world-class development and capacity growth moving forward.

Learn More About Swiss-Tech’s Capabilities

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