Spot Award Program provides special recognition to Swiss-Tech employees

Here at Swiss-Tech our quality custom-manufactured products and precision CNC Swiss machined components are dependent on quality employees, which is why we focus on recognizing our team when they go above and beyond.

We have a lot of great employees that make this a great place to work, but our Spot Award Program was implemented to provide special recognition to employees who have accomplished an extraordinary achievement or who have given exceptional effort within our organization.

Contributions that are recognized by a Spot Award are tied directly to the goals from our strategic plan, and the recognition is shared with the rest of the company as models of outstanding performance. Spot Award recipients also receive a $25 gift card.

Several Spot Awards have been handed out this year:

  • Employee came in on a Friday and Saturday to run a machine when another employee was sick
  • Employee stayed to finish parts for a large customer when we had already rescheduled the delivery
  • Employee was amazing during questioning for audit
  • Employee helped train another employee to the fullest possible extent
  • Employee helped in another department when they noticed the extra work piling up
  • Employee stepped up and helped with new benefits implementation
  • Employee completed data entry task with 99 percent accuracy
  • Employee reported a safety concern that was preventive for the entire staff
  • Employee frequently stays late to ensure company tasks are completed
  • Employee worked in four different departments and was a Rockstar in all the tasks they were assigned
  • We just got four new machines installed and have totally rearranged our layout. There were eight employees who were recognized for stepping up to the plate and helping with ideas, planning, and physical manpower to make everything happen.

“We definitely have a family feel here at Swiss-Tech, and we like to recognize our employees that put in that extra effort,” CEO and President Frank Meiland said.

In addition to recognizing our employees, we also focus on providing upward mobility for our employees to help them reach their true potential. Read more about how we work to promote from within to help our employees reach their true potential.