Increasing Manufacturing Capacity Through Technology with the NEXTURN SA12B

Swiss-Tech Production Supervisor, Ed Hatch

To become a world-class provider of precision components, it’s vitally important to plan ahead, and this rings especially true in terms of manufacturing capacity.

By determining your production limits and needs, it becomes easier to forecast areas of future growth. After all, how can you sustain growth if you aren’t planning for it?

Building manufacturing capacity is a significant logistical and financial benefit to your company and your customers, allowing for smooth transitions of:

  • Equipment Budgeting
  • Production Scalability
  • Revenue Growth
  • Dynamic Change

At Swiss-Tech, we recently found ourselves evaluating our own capacity to identify areas of improvement. That’s when we came across the NEXTURN SA12B by Absolute Machine Tools.

Industry-Leading Swiss Type CNC Lathe – NEXTURN SA12B

This state-of-the-art piece of equipment combines high-quality components with cutting edge technology. The NEXTURN SA12B offers a wide range of performance features, including its rotary synchronous guide bushing, which allows for efficient small diameter machining up to 12mm material gauge.

It was specifically designed to produce complex, precision parts efficiently and effectively. The rigid, easy-to-use swiss type lathe features a total of seven axes and 18 total tools. Other specifications, include:

  • 3 HP Main Spindle Motor (integral built-in)
  • 4 HP Sub Spindle Motor (belt drive)
  • 0 to 5000 Live Cross Spindle Speed
  • .039 to 236 IPM Cutting Feed Rate
  • 45-gallon Coolant Tank Capacity

“We’re already finding ways to utilize its versatile capabilities. Since many of the components we make at Swiss-Tech are very small diameter parts, the addition of this machine allows us to work more easily with the material and free up other machines to generate product, as well.” – Production Supervisor, Ed Hatch.

Increasing Manufacturing Capacity & Reducing Material Waste

Increasing Manufacturing Capacity & Reducing Material Waste

The impact of this powerful piece of equipment is being felt in many ways – with some of the most obvious being capacity and waste reduction.

Sporting an elongated bar feeder that can handle runs of up to 12 feet in length, the NEXTURN SA12B offers better control of bar material. It can also greatly reduce the amount of waste material that results from cutting longer bars to fit shorter feeders.

“We’re seeing outstanding results in terms of burr control and part damage protection by taking advantage of the lathe’s high-pressure oil sending unit,” Director of Engineering and Support Technology, Jason Price mentioned. “It’s really been a great investment for us.”

Additional features that come standard, include:

  • Simultaneous Main & Sub Spindle Control
  • Full-Stroke Synchronous Type Rotary-Guide Bushing Unit
  • MPG Program Check
  • Part Ejection Detection
  • Part Conveyor with Stocker Base
  • 5-Position OD Turning Holder (10mm x 10mm)
  • Leveling Bolts & Pads
  • Centralized Lube System


Planning Ahead to Increase Capacity | NEXTURN SA12B

Planning Ahead to Increase Capacity

Swiss-Tech may be an established provider of complex, precision parts, but our world-class standards and reputation for quality has been diligently built over time.

In our industry, we recognize that sustained growth comes from forecasting opportunities to improve our operations and maximize our manufacturing capacity to better serve our customers in the medical, aerospace, and high-end industrial markets.

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