Kayla Oehrke - Inside Sales Rep

We have some very exciting news to share; we’re growing! Swiss-Tech is an established provider of quality, precision, CNC machined components, and our operations continue to expand. This means adding talented professionals to our team, and our most recent addition is Inside Sales Representative, Kayla Oehrke.

Hired in February of 2018, Kayla comes to us with tremendous customer service experience. Prior to Swiss-Tech, she worked for a property management company and in the service center of a Chevrolet dealership while attending Black Hawk Technical College and the University of Wisconsin-Rock County.

“One thing we always do at Swiss-Tech is hire for cultural fit over experience,” CEO & President, Frank Meiland commented. “You can train skill and knowledge. What you can’t train is someone’s attitude or their ability to work within a team. We knew early on that Kayla fit our culture, and we’re glad to have her with us.”

We had the chance to catch up with Kayla and dive into her experience as part of our team. Here’s what she had to say:

Q: In your honest opinion, what do you think of Swiss-Tech so far?

A: I would say it’s the greatest job I’ve ever had. From the moment I stepped in here, everyone has been really nice and helpful…and thankful for the work that I do.

By the end of my first week, my face literally hurt because I had been smiling so much. Swiss-Tech is an awesome place to work.

Q: How did you feel the on boarding process went?

A: It was great and very thorough. On my first week, I was walked through each department and able to see every step of our manufacturing process from start to finish.

Having each aspect laid out, and being able to ask each department questions, was really valuable for me. It was a lot of information, but I was able to quickly understand how each of our roles functions as part of the overall team.

Q: What makes Swiss-Tech unique from other places you’ve worked?

A: I’d say the way we put our employees first. I mean, we’re not viewed as employees; we’re all seen as people and an important part of the team.

To give you an example, one of the first questions I was asked after I was hired was: do you have any kids? And the reason they ask is because Swiss-Tech sends each employee’s child a birthday card with five dollars inside every year, until they’re 18. That’s just incredible!

Here’s another example. The price of our employee health care recently increased, but we didn’t have to pay any extra because Swiss-Tech absorbed the cost for us. That’s a really amazing thing for a company to do these days.

Kayla Oehrke hard at work

Q: What’s the best part of your job right now?

A: It has to be the people. Everyone I’ve worked with has been the best – from my co-workers to the customers I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with. They all consistently express their gratitude for me simply doing my job.

My learning experience has also been amazing. There is a ton of specialized knowledge that goes into making each part. It’s really impressive to see how everything comes together.

Q: What are you most looking forward to in your future with Swiss-Tech?

A: Well, I’m beginning to transition from absorbing and learning to actually being responsible for accounts. Bobbie has been showing me the ropes, and we both feel that I’m ready to take the next step forward.

I’m really excited for the new challenge. We’ll be going through our list of clients and dividing them up between the two of us. This will allow us to continue to deliver the level of service our clients expect – even as we bring in new accounts!

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