Our Employees Care: Office Fundraising Activities at Swiss-Tech

Life can hit really hard. No matter your age, gender, career field, or salary, there is always a chance something entirely out of your control may occur that’s both difficult and devastating.

During these times of hardship, it’s vitally important to have friends and family around to help support us. At Swiss-Tech, we are so incredibly blessed to have a team of employees that truly care for one another, and they prove it through office fundraising activities when life’s great challenges hit the hardest.

Employee-Initiated & Driven Fundraising

We know not every workplace is like this, but we sincerely hope you can experience the type of kind and caring atmosphere we have at Swiss-Tech. In the past two years, our employees have organized and held four fundraisers to ease the burden of a coworker’s difficult circumstances.

These are not events that our executive team put together and make mandatory for the company to participate in; rather, they’re entirely initiated by our employees from start to finish.

Management is approached by one or more team members who share their desire for fundraising as well as the date and time they’d like to hold the occasion. After it’s approved, our employees get to work coordinating the remainder of the details.

“These fundraisers are formed in response to overwhelming life events, such as illnesses, surgeries, or other hardships that could happen to literally anyone.

We, of course, offer short-term disability for our employees at Swiss-Tech, but it often can’t meet 100% of the need. To see our team come through for each other in tough times to fill in the gaps is incredibly inspiring!” – Kristi Granberg, Swiss-Tech HR & Accounting Manager

Office Fundraising Activities at Swiss-Tech

Office Fundraising Activities at Swiss-Tech

So, what do these fundraising events typically look like? Held on-site at Swiss-Tech’s facilities over lunch, employees band together and chip in to raise money in a variety of ways, including:

  • Baking tasty desserts & cooking delicious meals
  • Donating handmade, new, or gently used items
  • Collecting donations from vendors and local businesses for auction baskets
  • Organizing a 50/50 Raffle, Silent Auction, and other methods for giving

Family members, friends, and parents of the employee experiencing challenges are also invited – and often attend. This is great for everyone involved to meet and unify as a collective support network. It’s a special time of bonding and appreciation that we truly cherish at Swiss-Tech.

Taking Care of Each Other

On average, our office fundraising activities garner approximately $1,500 in team member support. In turn, Swiss-Tech matches the funds raised – dollar for dollar – as an additional contribution to the cause.

“We feel the effort and enthusiasm put forth in order to lift each other up is worth giving toward. This is also why we usually donate extra vacation days to the silent auction, which is always popular.

It’s fun to watch everyone get competitive over bidding on the items – similar to a sibling rivalry. But, at the end of the day, our team gets to encourage each other and grow closer together.” – Frank Meiland, Swiss-Tech CEO & President

Swiss-Tech Employees Take Care of Each Other

The truth is, life will always hit hard. But when we have good people standing by our sides – it makes things just a little bit easier.

*We would like to extend a special thank you to our vendors and neighboring businesses who have gifted auction items to support our employee fundraisers:

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