Figure out a path to your future while receiving school credit and getting paid though a Swiss-Tech Youth Apprenticeship. Swiss-Tech is now offering an officially accredited Youth Apprenticeship program that will help high school and tech or university-bound students learn the day-to-day of such jobs as engineers and CNC machinists.

For this summer, Swiss-Tech has two apprentices: one working as a CNC machinist, the other as an Engineering apprentice. The CNC apprentice is already making parts, learning about what type of metals and tools to use, machine set-up involved, the detailing, how to read a blueprint, and how to troubleshoot. The Engineering apprentice is working on drafting designs, creating parts using SolidWorks software, learning the processes that go into creating the parts, the paperwork involved in meeting Swiss-Tech’s design and production standards, and learning how to troubleshoot. All Swiss-Tech apprentices work side-by-side with a full time, experienced Swiss-Tech employee.

Swiss-Tech has a history – 25 years to be exact – of training students in helpful and useful ways. Their current Continuous Improvement Engineer started working in the shop at Swiss-Tech when he was 15, worked for the company during high school and college, and after graduation was offered a full time job with benefits.

Youth Apprenticeship Program

Students in the local school districts are encouraged to apply for an apprenticeship to work during summer or part time during the school year. Our professional mentors at Swiss-Tech will work with your schedule!

Swiss-Tech has offered paid internships for years. Now through the company’s partnership with the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, Swiss-Tech can offer both an hourly wage AND school credits to help students advance on their path toward a future career. Youth Apprentices start at $10 per hour and have the ability to obtain merit increases based on their performance.

“We believe in helping students experience jobs through hands on learning, and that they should be paid for their work while at Swiss-Tech,” said Kristi Granberg, Human Resources and Accounting manager. “High school students have a lot of choices for summer jobs, and not everybody wants to work in a restaurant or a retail store. Swiss-Tech is offering students an alternative that could give them a foot in the door for a job after graduation.”

Credits earned during a youth apprenticeship at Swiss-Tech can be used during high school to count towards graduation, and can be used to for credits at a technical college like Gateway Technical College. Completing college credits during high school will help students reduce tuition costs by reducing time spent at tech college or university by up to 1 semester.

“We’re looking for students who have 3 things: positive Attitude, consistent Attendance, and a Willingness to learn and contribute to our company culture and the products we create,” explained Granberg. “A students’ learning curve shortens with the on-the-job training and the experiences we provide during a youth apprenticeship. When students graduate to a university or tech school program, they will be more successful in their classes (higher grades!) due to the experiences they had at Swiss-Tech. A youth apprenticeship program can shorten their college time frame and shorten the financial burden.”

“This is about providing students with a hands-on opportunity to learn, about finding out if working as a CNC machinist or engineer is something you really want to do…Try it before you commit to it!”

If you’re an individual who doesn’t want to sit in a classroom, Swiss-Tech has a summer or part-time school year apprenticeship for you! Swiss-Tech apprenticeships are open to all individuals to apply.

For more information, or to apply for a Swiss-Tech Apprenticeship, please email Kristi Granberg